Guadalupe Laiz

Guadalupe Laiz is an international artist, photographer and explorer born and raised in Argentina. She moved to the US aspiring to start her career as a photographer at age 18. She claims that her real education began after attending Art School with a degree in Photography In Colorado. Guadalupe’s main focus for these past four years has been an extensive body of work capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the indigenous horses of Iceland. Her body of work from the upcoming book Horses of Iceland@ has been shown in exhibitions in the United States, France, Iceland and Switzerland.

Driven by the belief that art and beauty transforms how people think about conservation and nature, she focuses on environment and animals that are pure and gentle by their very nature. Guadalupe’s efforts are to communicate through art the importance of animal abuse awareness, environmental issues and the relevance of educating all generations to make conscious lifestyle decisions to protect our planet.


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